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Ceramic Coating in Chicago

Expert Ceramic Coatings...Gloss Guaranteed - For Years, Not Months

Discover what awaits you at WaterWise, and how we ensure your car looks its absolute best.

Ceramic coatings are a marvel of modern technology, designed to interact in harmony with your vehicle’s clear coat. Once applied, they form an incredibly durable and long-lasting shield that is virtually invisible to the naked eye. This superior layer of protection serves multiple purposes: it actively repels water, ensuring rain or snow will bead off your car instead of sticking around; it keeps vehicles remarkably easy to clean by warding off dust and grime; and even helps resist scratches, making sure your car retains its pristine appearance for longer.

Ceramic Coating - Level 1

Starts at $750

In our Level 1 GTECHNIQ Ceramic Coating System, we use a single layer of EXOv5 Ultra Durable Hydrophobic Coating, promising up to 2 years of durability.

This is an extremely high performing Ceramic Coating for all vehicle types and is designed to provide high gloss and capable protection from environmental contamination that will damage the vehicles paint. The gloss is intense and regular maintenance washing is also very fast and easy.

We use the same Decontamination and Single Step Paint Correction process as the Level 2 Coating System to enhance and prepare the paint.

* 2 step Paint Correction Available

Ceramic Coating - Level 2

Starts at $1,100

Our Level 2 GTECHNIQ Ceramic Coating System is the best of the best in terms of surface protection. We utilize the Crystal Serum Light coating applied in a single layer then apply the EXOv5 Ultra Durable Hydrophobic Coating for years of durability, high gloss, chemical resistance, and easy wash maintenance, promising up to 4 years of durability.

We also protect the Wheel Faces with GTECHNIQ C5 Wheel Armour and all glass on the car with GTECHNIQ Clear Vision Smart Glass. C5 will protect the wheels from damaging brake dust and road contaminants. At the same time, Clear Vision Smart Glass is a glass-specific coating designed to repel water and debris during inclement weather and improve visibility.

* 2 step Paint Correction Available

Ceramic Coating - Annual Maintenance

Starts at $200

This comprehensive service begins with a meticulous hand wash of your entire vehicle by our skilled professionals, ensuring every corner and crevice is spotless and gleaming. But that’s not all – we then proceed to apply the renowned GTECHNIQ C2 Ceramic Sealant across all painted surfaces of your car.

This high-grade sealant offers unmatched protection, preserving the vibrancy of your car’s paintwork while also providing an impressive gloss finish that truly makes it stand out from the crowd. Trust us when we say this combination of thorough cleaning and superior ceramic coating application will leave your vehicle looking as good as new!

Add On Ceramic Coating Services

Wheel Face Ceramic Coating

Add On - $150

Experience our unique and specialized service – the Wheel Face Ceramic Coating. This process is  specifically designed to provide your vehicle’s wheels with an unmatched layer of protection and shine.

Windshield Ceramic Coating

Add On - $50

This is more than just a simple process; it’s a state-of-the-art treatment designed to enhance your vehicle’s windshield with superior protection and clarity. Experience improved visibility and easy windshield maintenance.

All Window Ceramic Coating

Add On - $125

Introducing our comprehensive All Window Ceramic Coating service. With this service, we meticulously apply a high-quality ceramic coating to every window of your car, providing exceptional protection and clarity.

Trim Ceramic Coating

Add On - $150

With this service, we expertly apply a high-quality ceramic coating to all the trim areas of your car, providing them with exceptional protection against weathering and wear.

2-Step Paint Correction

Starts at - $400

Experience the transformation with our 2-Step Paint Correction service. This process is more than just a quick fix; it’s a carefully crafted procedure designed to rejuvenate the look of your vehicle.

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